FAQ For Donors

UPDATE OAKLAND appointments only,  MARIN on HOLD – SF open
What items do you accept?
Almost everything medical that a person could use in their home such as: briefs, apnea machines, bedrails, blood pressure monitors, canes, commodes, crutches, cushions, diabetes monitors and strips,  eyeglasses, gait belts, gauze, hearing aids, batteries for hearing aids, Hoyer lifts, incontinence washes and creams, ice machines, lambswool, medical tape, nebulizers, orthopedic boots, oxygen concentrators, quad canes, reachers, scales, slings, shower chairs, sock aids, tub transfer benches, wigs, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs. We can take short ramps at our sites but not long ramps. All items must be clean and sanitized. Supplies should be in original packaging, open packages are acceptable. If in doubt ask: Would I give this to my loved one to use tomorrow? If the answer is no we will not be able to give it to someone in need.

What items can’t you take?
Prescription medications and syringes cannot be accepted since we cannot redistribute them. We cannot redistribute liquid nutrition for tube feeding as this is a prescription item. Our leases do not allow us to store oxygen tanks at any of our sites. Very large items such as hospital beds, scooters and electric wheelchairs cannot be accepted at the sites.

Do you accept indoor stair lifts?
We work with Accessible Home Lift Company in Alameda, 510-521-9526. They are able to uninstall, pickup and deliver this equipment. This company may also be able to help if you have a large ramp to donate.

Will you pick up donations?
Not usually. We have no vehicles. Occasionally we may make exceptions for large donations.

Are you open every week?
NOT AT THIS TIME. We only close on major holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving

Can you take broken items?
It depends on the availability and skills of volunteers at each site. We do not have a budget to make repairs or buy parts. As a general rule we accept ONLY clean, usable items.

Will I receive a donation receipt for tax purposes?
Yes. We are an IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and can give you a written receipt. We cannot document the value of your donation per IRS regulations.