Welcome To ReCares! OAKLAND- call for appointment for Fridays noon to four, MARIN Hours limited until further notice due to COVID-19 challenges, SF open with social distancing

“Soft Reopening” in Oakland!!

Open hours in OAKLAND are Noon to four with an appointment.

Please call 510-251-2273

Stay safe, Wash your hands, wear a mask in public, and be careful to observe social distancing



ReCARES is Collecting, Redistributing and encouraging Reuse. Three Bay Area sites collect and redistribute donations of clean, gently used medical equipment and unused home health care supplies each week. These are provided free of charge to those in need who visit our sites. For more information or to leave us a message,
call the numbers below:

510-251-2273  –  Oakland – Entrance via Garage behind the church on 27th St – GoogleMap link
415-487-5405  –  San Francisco
415-388-8198  –  Marin County,  http://marinmer.org/

Maps for Oakland Location

Entrance on 27th St via Parking lot to the Garage

Entrance on 27th St via Parking lot to the Garage


















‘Bay Area Newspaper Group Article
“Making lives better by recycling medical equipment”

By Dr. Kate Scannell
Years ago, a patient was slowly wheeled into my examination room by her two laboring adult daughters. The patient’s wheelchair creaked and thumped as it rolled through the doorway — clearly an antique, and clearly an aerobic workout for her panting daughters. “The wheel’s broken,” one daughter explained. “We can’t find anyone who knows how to replace it, and we can’t afford a new chair.”
Later, during a private moment with the patient, she told me . . .

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